Senior Management


Jeffrey L. Ventura

Chairman, President & CEO

Jeffrey L. Ventura, chairman, president & chief executive officer, joined Range in 2003 as chief operating officer and became a director in 2005. Mr. Ventura was named President effective ... read more


Roger S. Manny

Executive Vice President – Chief Financial Officer

Roger S. Manny, executive vice president – chief financial officer. Mr. Manny joined Range in 2003. Previously, Mr. Manny served as executive vi... read more

Ray N. Walker, Jr.

Executive Vice President - Chief Operating Officer

Ray N. Walker, Jr., executive vice president – chief operating officer, joined Range in 2006 and was elected to his current position in January 2014. Previously, Mr. Walker served as sen... read more

John K. Applegath

Sr. Vice President - Northern Louisiana

John K. Applegath, senior vice president – northern Louisiana, joined Range in 2008. Mr. Applegath previously served as senior vice president – Southern Marcellus Shale Divisi... read more

Alan W. Farquharson

Sr. Vice President - Reservoir Engineering & Economics

Alan W. Farquharson, senior vice president – reservoir engineering & economics, joined Range in 1998. Mr. Farquharson has held the positions of manager and vice president of res... read more

Dori A. Ginn

Sr. Vice President - Controller & Principal Accounting Officer

Dori A. Ginn, senior vice president – controller & principal accounting officer, joined Range in 2001 and was previously vice president, controller and principal accounting officer. Ms.&n... read more

David P. Poole

Sr. Vice President - General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

David P. Poole, senior vice president – general counsel & corporate secretary, joined Range in June 2008. Mr. Poole has over 27 years of legal experience. From May 2004 until Ma... read more

Chad L. Stephens

Sr. Vice President - Corporate Development

Chad L. Stephens, Senior Vice President – Corporate Development joined Range in 1990. Before 2002, Mr. Stephens held the position of Senior Vice President – Southwest.  While at Ra... read more


K. Scott Roy

Sr. Vice President

K. Scott Roy, senior vice president, joined Range in 2009. Mr. Roy served nearly 20 years in numerous executive capacities for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania throughout the administrations of both G... read more