Our Business Strategy

Our overarching business objective is to build stockholder value through returns − focused growth, on a per share debt-adjusted basis, of both reserves and production. Our strategy to achieve our business objective is to increase reserves and production through internally generated drilling projects coupled with occasional acquisitions and divestitures of non-core assets. In addition, we expect to limit capital spending to at or below cash flow. Our strategy requires us to make significant investments and financial commitments in technical staff, acreage, seismic data, drilling and completion technology and gathering and transportation arrangements to build drilling inventory and market our products. Our strategy has the following key elements:

  • Commit to environmental protection and worker and community safety;
  • Concentrate in core operating areas;
  • Maintain a multi-year drilling inventory;
  • Focus on cost efficiency;
  • Maintain a long-life reserve base;
  • Market our products to a large number of customers in different markets under a variety of commercial terms;
  • Maintain operational and financial flexibility; and
  • Provide employee equity ownership and incentive compensation.

These elements are primarily anchored by our interests in the Marcellus Shale located in Pennsylvania. Complementing this growth area, we have natural gas, crude oil and condensate and NGLs production activities in the Lower Cotton Valley in North Louisiana.

Commit to Environmental Protection and Worker and Community Safety.
We strive to implement technologies and commercial practices to minimize adverse impacts from the development of our properties on the environment, worker health and safety and the safety of the communities where we operate. We analyze and review performance while striving for continual improvement by working with peer companies, regulators, non-governmental organizations, industries not related to the oil and natural gas industry and other engaged stakeholders. We expect every employee to maintain safe operations, minimize environmental impact and conduct their daily business with the highest ethical standards.

Concentrate in Core Operating Areas.
We currently operate primarily in two regions:  Pennsylvania and North Louisiana. Concentrating our drilling and producing activities in these core areas allows us to develop the regional expertise needed to interpret specific geological and operating conditions and develop economies of scale. Operating in core areas as large as the Marcellus Shale and the Lower Cotton Valley allows us to pursue our goal of consistent production and reserve growth at attractive returns. We intend to further develop our acreage in both the Marcellus Shale and North Louisiana and improve our well results through the use of technology and detailed analysis of our properties. We periodically evaluate and pursue acquisition opportunities in the United States (including opportunities to acquire particular natural gas and oil properties or entities owning natural gas and oil assets) and at any given time we may be in various stages of evaluating such opportunities.

Maintain a Multi-Year Drilling Inventory.
We focus on areas with multiple prospective and productive horizons and development opportunities. We use our technical expertise to build and maintain a multi-year drilling inventory. We believe that a large, multi-year inventory of drilling projects increases our ability to efficiently plan for the economic growth of production and reserves. Currently, we have over 4,400 proven and unproven drilling locations in inventory.

Focus on Cost Efficiency.
We concentrate in areas which we believe to have sizeable hydrocarbon deposits in place that will allow us to consistently increase production while controlling costs. Because there is little long-term competitive sales price advantage available to a commodity producer, the costs to find, develop, and produce a commodity are important to organizational sustainability and long-term stockholder value creation. We endeavor to control costs such that our cost to find, develop and produce natural gas, NGLs and oil is one of the lowest in the industry. We operate almost all of our total net production and believe that our extensive knowledge of the geologic and operating conditions in the areas where we operate provides us with the ability to achieve operational efficiencies.

Maintain a Long-Life Reserve Base.
Long-life natural gas and oil reserves provide a more stable growth platform than short-life reserves. Long-life reserves reduce reinvestment risk as they lessen the amount of reinvestment capital deployed each year to replace production. Long-life natural gas and oil reserves also assist us in minimizing costs as stable production makes it easier to build and maintain operating economies of scale. Long-life reserves also offer upside from technology enhancements.

Market Our Products to A Large Number of Customers in Different Markets Under a Variety of Commercial Terms.
We market our natural gas, NGLs, and oil to a large number of customers in both domestic and international markets to maximize cash flow and diversify risk. We hold numerous firm transportation contracts on multiple pipelines to enable us to transport and sell natural gas and NGLs in the Midwest, Gulf Coast, Southeast, Northeast and international markets. We sell our products under a variety of price indexes and price formulas that assist us in optimizing regional price differentials and commodity price volatility.

Maintain Operational and Financial Flexibility.
Because of the risks involved in drilling, coupled with changing commodity prices, we are flexible and adjust our capital budget throughout the year. If certain areas generate higher than anticipated returns, we may accelerate development in those areas and decrease expenditures elsewhere. We also believe in maintaining ample liquidity, using commodity derivatives to help stabilize our realized prices and focusing on financial discipline. We believe this provides more predictable cash flows and financial results. We regularly review our asset base to identify nonstrategic assets, the disposition of which will increase capital resources available for other activities and create organizational and operational efficiencies.

Provide Employee Equity Ownership and Incentive Compensation.

We want our employees to think and act like business owners. To achieve this, we reward and encourage them through equity ownership in Range. All full-time employees are eligible to receive equity grants. As of December 31, 2017, our employees and directors owned equity securities in our benefit plans (vested and unvested) that had an aggregate market value of approximately $100 million.


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