Electronic Payments

Electronic Payments Program ‚Äč 


Range has made a decision to move towards eliminating checks in favor of electronic payments. Moving forward
, Range and our subsidiaries will be converting to electronic payments and we’re requesting all of our vendors to participate.  By converting to electronic payments, we will be able to pay suppliers more securely, more efficiently and with more visibility into payment status than ever before.

Range is partnering with Vendorin, a leader in electronic payments, to facilitate a seamless, simple and secure transition as well as to collect and validate the information needed to begin paying your company’s invoices electronically.  We would appreciate your cooperation with Vendorin.

When your company is contacted by Vendorin to activate a profile, please take the 5 minutes and complete the required information so that you can begin receiving electronic payments from Range.  We thank you for your cooperation. 

If you have any additional questions related to this process please contact Vendorin.


(855) 679-7875