Volunteering Support for Rural Communities

Tropical Storm Lee

When Tropical Storm Lee caused severe flooding in Pennsylvania, Irv Gleason, a former Deputy Fire Chief and current Environmental, Health and Safety Manager for Range Resources knew instinctively where help would be needed.

“I was born and raised in Lycoming County, so I knew small villages like Barbours would need support,” Gleason said. “There were company neighbors who lost almost everything, and we were in a position to help.”

Gleason made some phone calls and, with the help of many other employees, organized Range’s response, including sending a field fuel truck to fill the tanks of the local fire department, coordinating with a vendor to hire a cooking unit to provide meals and providing a cell phone booster for ambulance communications since radios were not working.

Range employees from around the state also rallied to provide thousands of dollars in household goods, toothpaste, paper towels and other essentials.

“I’m most proud that there were people in the Range Family I don’t even know that made those donations possible,” Gleason said. “When my wife and I delivered those things, people were truly grateful.”

Range also works closely with landowners and community groups throughout our operations. One example of this coordination is the partnership with the Wagman Observatory in Deer Lakes Park. Through the partnership, we were able to work together to pause active drilling operations to accommodate the observatory's annual star-gazing event. The Allegheny County Executive said, "They really have bent over backwards to be cooperative and work with the community,"