As You Sow

Range Scores High On Environmental Report  

As You Sow, a nonprofit organization that promotes environmental and social corporate responsibility through shareholder advocacy recently released its annual report, Disclosing the Facts 2017: Transparency and Risk in Methane Emissions. The 2017 report took a new approach and focused on methane emissions management and reporting from some of the most active oil and gas producers. The investor report is designed to promote improved methane management and reporting practices among oil and gas producers.

Range Resources improved its score substantially in 2017, scoring 10 of the possible 13 points.

As You Sow states in the report:

"Reducing methane emissions can also be cost-effective for companies. Efficiencies can be improved as new methane-reducing equipment is put on-line and methane emissions can be captured and placed in pipelines for sale or used to power operations.”

A handful of Range’s air quality best practices were highlighted in the report’s key findings, which you can find below.

“Range Resources uses its OGI camera program to determine which components are most likely to leak. By analyzing that data and identifying trends, the company has been able to make substantial reductions in leaks by selecting alternative components and altering various processes.”

“Range Resources reports that it goes beyond regulatory requirements in installing “closed loop systems” that route vented gas to enclosed burners or vapor recovery compressors. It also reports use of plunger lifts for liquids unloading, electric controls rather than pneumatic controllers, and glycol dehydration systems designed to use vented gas as fuel. Range also works directly with vendors in customizing equipment to minimize leaks and improve reliability.”

“Range Resources’ new internal flaring policy requires staff to log and detail flare use to identify trends and improve operational practices.”

“Carrizo Oil & Gas, CONSOL Energy, Range Resources, Pioneer Natural Resources, and Southwestern Energy report that they do not use any high-bleed valves in their operations.”

Range Resources has participated in As You Sow’s annual Disclosing the Facts report since 2014 and remains committed to being good stewards for our shareholders, while doing the same thing for the environment and the communities where we live and work.

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