Key Operational and Best Practice Milestones



2009, pioneered large-scale water recycling in shale gas development, and we were the first company to achieve 100 percent reuse levels. Today, we implement this technology across our company whenever possible and frequently collaborate on this approach with industry peers.

2010, became the first company to voluntarily disclose fluids used in hydraulic fracturing on a per well basis and provide that information to the public online. This is now a standard industry practice through FracFocus and required regulation in states where Range has significant activity.

2011, Range’s Chief Operating Officer served on then Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett’s Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission, which was a broad group aimed at maximizing the benefits from our industry while implementing best practices. That same year Range assisted President Barack Obama’s Secretary of Energy Advisory Board (SEAB) Natural Gas Subcommittee, which made a series of recommendations to improve the safety and environmental performance of natural gas hydraulic fracturing from shale formations.

2012, initiated a Zero Vapor Protocol for wet gas and super-rich areas in Marcellus shale gas development, helping to dramatically reduce and eliminate potential emissions and enhance safety.

2013, began using a natural gas-powered drilling rig in Pennsylvania, where virtually all of Range’s activity takes place. The rig utilizes cleaner-burning natural gas directly from the field that we’re operating, which reduces costs, lessens community traffic associated with refueling the rig, and lowers emissions. This technology was later deployed and used for our completion crews.

2014, following years of exploring the concept Range began the first efforts in Pennsylvania for the beneficial reuse of drill cuttings for use in roads and infrastructure. While the process is ongoing, it has the potential to dramatically reduce landfill waste by recycling and reusing drill cuttings.

2015, Range’s Vice President of Regulatory and Legislative Affairs participated in Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force, aimed at identifying best practices and recommendations to maximize safe opportunities to transport natural gas.

2018, Range joined the American Petroleum Institute’s Environmental Partnership, a collaborative of over 40 companies dedicated to improving the industry’s environmental performance.