Range Resources Values

Our philosophy at Range is straightforward: to be good stewards for our shareholders, while doing the same thing for the environment and the communities where we live and work. It’s that simple. This core commitment starts with Range’s Board of Directors and extends to our employees. 

Our culture of good stewardship also ensures that we meet or exceed both expectations and regulatory guidelines and seek improvement to guidelines when we feel the standards are not high enough.

As a public company, we have a responsibility to deliver competitive financial results for our shareholders. In doing so, we believe it is important to provide benefits for the environment and the communities in which we live and work. We recognize that these commitments and responsibilities are interdependent and are collectively advanced through Range’s core values: performance, transparency, integrity and innovation. These values can be seen throughout our operations and their contributions to shareholder value are evidenced in our overall corporate performance.

Many of the examples discussed here pertain to Pennsylvania where the vast majority of Range’s activities take place, but the values are shared across the company.


We are a performance driven company and we take seriously our responsibility for being good stewards for our shareholders, which among many things means operating safely and complying with a multitude of laws and regulations. Our employees know that delivering on our commitments is a key expectation of every employee.


Every full-time employee is an owner at Range and they recognize that our success and financial performance is achieved through principled decision-making and demonstration of the highest degree of integrity to all stakeholders. We are firmly dedicated to performing in a manner that reflects our own high expectations for community engagement and always meets or goes beyond regulatory requirements. This manifests itself in our commitment to educating and training local first responders, in meeting operational challenges with innovative solutions and in the way we retain our position as an employer of choice in a highly competitive industry.


Range has a long and clear record of driving innovative processes that are often reflected in industry and regulatory standards. This is perhaps the most apparent in our leadership on voluntary disclosures, and with Range-pioneered water recycling and reuse technologies which efficiently and dramatically reduce both consumptive water needs and local truck traffic. Through our continuous efforts to innovate and strengthen operating practices, we routinely exceed the expectations of regulators, community members and shareholders.


We maintain a culture that is driven by an open and transparent corporate structure. Not only is this important to our shareholders, but it helps differentiate us from peer companies and drives employee, community and partner engagement. We seek to highlight transparency, including financial reporting, voluntarily disclosure of hydraulic fracturing fluid and an open dialogue regarding our operations. In addition, by providing hundreds of educational tours of our operations for various stakeholders and regularly soliciting actionable input and recommendations from Community Advisory Panels, we actively work to make certain that Range stakeholders have insight into our positive contributions to our owners, the economy, the environment and the communities where we operate.

We articulate our responsibilities, commitments and activities within four distinct yet equally important pillars:

1) Environmental, health and safety stewardship;
2) Community engagement and leadership;
3) Realize employee potential; and
4) Fostering shareholder value and economic opportunity.

Our corporate responsibility platform is intentionally flexible to assure we continue to adapt as necessary and meet the ever-changing needs of Range stakeholders. These values are all interrelated and form the core of what drives this company.