ANGA: methane emissions down 17-percent

Dec 10, 2014

EPA data shows continued declines and improvements on a per unit of production basis

As Range has documented in great detail in the Company’s Corporate Responsibility Report, the natural gas industry and companies like Range are committed for environmental, safety and economic reasons to manage, reduce and reuse methane and other hydrocarbons from production that could be emitted during production.

Range and other responsible companies take specific actions in the field of best practices to minimize and reduction all possible emissions, including methane.

According to America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) those actions have resulted in dramatic improvements over the two decades:

“The natural gas industry has cut methane emissions by 17 percent since 1990, even as it has increased production by 37 percent. The U.S. has rapidly emerged as the world’s largest producer of natural gas.

Technology is making it possible for the industry to produce more natural gas and do it in a cleaner way. One such innovation is a process called “green completion,” which is used at a majority of natural gas wells across the United States and involves capturing natural gas at the wellhead so more of the product makes it to market. In fact, researchers at the University of Texas have observed a 99 percent reduction in methane emissions during the well completion process. Continued innovation will certainly create opportunities for additional reductions.”