Range provides North Strabane incident update

Feb 04, 2015

Shortly after 6:15 pm EST Range and area first responders extinguished a fire at the Jeffries drilling location near Ross Road in North Strabane Township. The crews used a specialty foam designed to extinguish oil and grease fires. We have confirmed that there were no injuries and that this was not a well control incident. The fire was a result of an equipment failure on a piece of machinery, which discharged some engine oil that caught fire along with plastic liners used for environmental protection on the ground of the location.

Range’s emergency preparedness plan, which has been tested with area first responders in the past, was implemented as designed. As with any incident of this nature, we will work with regulators and first responders to investigate what occurred and take action to best prevent future incidents from happening. These investigations can take weeks or months in some instances to fully recognize what exactly occurred. Importantly, we have trained crews to manage these situations and have prepared for these unfortunate incidents with area first responders over the years.

We very much understand, respect and appreciate the concerns that issues such as this may cause for nearby homes and Range is currently meeting with area residents to explain what happened and to assist them with any issues this unfortunate matter may have caused.