Forbes: Fracking & Natural Gas Have Cut Pa's CO2 Emissions 30%

Apr 19, 2016

A recent Forbes magazine article cited the impact Pennsylvania's shale industry has had on lowering carbon emissions within the state. 

"Pennsylvania’s natural gas boom has had the measurable benefit of lowering total CO2 emissions 
in the state’s power sector by about 30%..."

The article cites the reduction in CO2 emission during a period of significant natural gas production growth within the state. 

"This 30% reduction in CO2 emissions per MWh over 10 years is actually better progress than what has been experienced in California’s power market, continually cited as EPA’s exemplar for other states to follow."

"Pennsylvanians should be very proud of their shale energy boom. And the benefits go far beyond demonstratively better air and fewer CO2 emissions."

Read the full Forbes article here: Fracking And Natural Gas Have Cut Pennsylvania's CO2 Emissions 30%

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