Oil & Gas Investor Cover Features Marcellus, Range

Nov 07, 2016

OGI CoverA recent Oil & Gas Investor Magazine cover story featured Marcellus Shale operators, including Range. The article, which referred to the Marcellus as the North American "Gas Tiger" focuses on the growing U.S. gas demand, operational efficiencies and company strategy.

Range Resources Chairman, President and CEO Jeff Ventura describes the Company's positioning, saying: 

“Having core, high-quality, large acreage positions in what we think are the two best gas plays in the U.S. makes us a premier gas company and it also gives us a lot of optionality."

Mr. Ventura continues:

“Our strategy has been simple: We’re a commodities business. We want to be in the highest-quality, lowest-cost plays with repeatability.”

Read the article in it's entirety here: Oil & Gas Investor: Gas Tiger
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