Range Resources Helps 2000 Turkeys Reach Goal

Nov 21, 2016

Food DriveRange Resources took to the streets for the third consecutive year to make sure everyone in Washington County gets to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal. hit the streets of Downtown Washington, PA to again collect donations for the 2000 Turkeys Campaign.

The Observer-Reporter covered the volunteer efforts the last few years in two articles below.
Range Resources fundraises for Thanksgiving meals
Range Resources fundraiser and food drive helps 2000 Turkeys reach $100,000 goal.

Excerpts from the newspaper's coverage says:

"Thanks to hundreds of generous donations and contributions – including an enormous gift from Range Resources and its employees – 2000 Turkeys surpassed its goal of raising $100,000 to provide Thanksgiving dinners for food-insecure families in Washington County."

The Observer-Reporter goes on to say:

"We’re thankful to Range and its employees who volunteered their time, and for the businesses and organizations who have pledged donations over the past seven weeks. It’s because of your donations that thousands of Washington County families will be able to sit down together and enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner."

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